23 November 2005

Here we go...

Well, this is me contributing to the Blog-jam.

Virtual Bistro is going to be my little experiment in communication. It'll be a place for me to post my editorial opinions on anything and everything, and a forum for me to vent. But in addition, it's going to be a spot for me to post recipes, wine selections, and culinary tidbits. If you can't open a bistro (do you know what kind of hours restauranteurs work?!) open a virtual bistro!

A little about me...I'm a 31-year old graphic designer and communications consultant working and living in Canada's National Capital. I have a steady government job, and do freelance work for professional clients (lawyers, translators, engineers, etc) on the side. My wife is a relatively new lawyer.

She and I have a dog and a cat, live in a beautiful and cozy house (our second. the first was ugly but cozy!) in a trendy little neighbourhood just west of downtown Ottawa. We both work hard but we enjoy a high quality of life, all things considered.

I love to cook. I love wine. And the two combine for some excellent dinners, which we enjoy sharing with our friends. Hence the bistro comments. At some point, as an amateur chef, it's inevitable that people will start telling you "you should open a restaurant". Since I'm a little more realistic than that, I just keep hosting the dinners. And filling the wine cellar.

Otherwise, fit in some time for cycling, running and strength training, do my Canadian duty and play some pickup hockey (badly, I should add), read mystery books, hack through crosswords, watch NFL games, attempt a little creative and journalistic photography, and take on all the errands required to keep things running for two adults in a house with two pets. But that's more than you need to know about me.

Make sure to check back again to see what's being served up.

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