23 December 2005


Well, it's down to a couple of days 'til that one big day...Christmas seems to be all about getting ready for something that is over in what, 16 hours from start to finish?

Oh well. In the good old days, I suppose it actually felt like a special couple of weeks, in which people were a little nicer, a touch more friendly, a smidge more kind.

Now it feels a lot like stress.

I try to keep the larger concept of Christmas in mind, but with all the shopping, errands, mailing, packing and travelling to be done, it ends up feeling pretty stressful anyway. Maybe that's why I look forward to those cheesy Christmas movies so much. They give you a couple of hours to sit still (although jumping up to do little tasks in every commercial break isn't so relaxing), and they convey a little of the old-time sentiment, even if it is through a Hollywood filter.

Whatever the case, I've been keenly aware this year of how the commercialization of Christmas has made it harder. Rushing to the mall to get presents for people because they gave you presents and you wouldn't want that to just go one way. Rushing to get more brandy at the overcrowded liquor store because you got suckered into providing dessert to one more party. Rushing to get home to have enough time to walk the dog before you rush out to run more errands.

Rush rush rush. (Although traffic in our snowy city this week precluded rushing anywhere.)

Small wonder that I'm looking forward to the drive to my in-law's place on Boxing Day. It's a seven to nine hour drive, depending on the weather and other drivers. That's a solid chunk of time for me to sit still, dammit.

Merry Christmas, and happy relaxation. May your time be spent in leisure, with a good glass of wine, and a plate of good food.

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