01 September 2010


The only thing I like more than writing about food is preparing and eating it. All the same, it's obvious to me that I need to find a way to make myself write more frequently. Fits and starts might be fine for the rest of my life, but blogging requires a little more consistency. And since my only consistency so far has been consistently dropping my blog-writing duties for months on end, I'm ready to take on a new approach and see if it results in more frequent writing.

And so, for the next 26 weeks or so, I'm going to carry us from A to Z.

That's right. We'll traverse the alphabet, with food tips, recipes, kitchen secrets, and maybe, depending on the difficulty of the letter at hand, some random thoughts.

So whether you pronounce your H's "aitch" or "hay-tch", and your Z's "zed" or "zee", I hope you'll come along for this alphabetical journey in foodie-writing.

And if I fail in this mission of consistency, you have every right to submit comments to that effect. I even promise to post them.

Stay tuned, my blog-reading friends!

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