31 July 2008

Rainy Summer Doldrums

Something happened to my wife, I have to say, over the last couple of weeks. She's been coming home at a decent hour -- for example, at 5:30, instead of 7:30. That's a whole new turn of events, and it has ultimately meant that she's chipping in at dinner hour.

So I haven't had much to post, really, because I haven't been the chef so much.

Now this is actually a good thing, though it means a scarcity of recipes for me to post here in Bloggerville.

It means I've had time to play stupid free on-line games, like Scrabble Blast, to the point that said wife thinks that I'm a complete loser (not that she's wrong, necessarily). It means I've had time to do freelance work and to walk the dog a little farther. Oh, and time to mow the lawn. Because the lawn, my friends, has been the one beneficiary of this dismal, rainy summer we've had.

This really is all to say that I will not be posting a recipe this week. Instead, I'll be doing one next week. Or the one after. For now, it's a long weekend at the cottage, watching the clouds sail by, reading a book or two, and eating what can only be defined as simple, delicious food.

Have a great long weekend, everyone.

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