05 August 2008

Bike thieves are the lowest of the low

Somehow, in the time between 8:30 and 5 today, while I was hard at work providing the public services that our good Canadian taxpayers require, my bicycle was stolen.

In over 15 years of cycling in cities in Ontario I have never ever ever had a bike stolen. I certainly didn't expect to have one go missing while I was at work in the heart of Ottawa's biggest complex of government buildings.

And yes, officer, it was locked to a proper bike rack. Right in front of the building, where the smokers convene all day.

I feel so low. My diligent efforts of physical fitness and a reduced carbon footprint are shattered by some knob who gets his thrills stealing other peoples' rides.

I'll be without bicycle for a while, because I simply don't have the $800 to replace this one. But you bet I'll be scouring the used goods websites in town for a week or two. Some rat ba$tard has my Trek 4900 blue/black/red mountain bike with Rock Shox Pilot front suspension, Wellgo dual flat/SPD pedals, and a Cat-Eye computer and light mount, Bontrager seat and a nifty rear fender. Not to mention my $1.49 Louis Garneau bell.

If you happen to see some skanky slimeball riding around on said bicycle, feel free to call the Ottawa Police, citing file 08-219-665. After you knock the bonehead OFF the bike, first, of course.

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Dragon-sis said...

My condolences, Marshal. It sucks to be without wheels, and it particularly sucks when some scumbag takes your stuff without asking.